Meet Victoria

Victoria McVay is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the co-owner of T&A Real Estate Holdings which is comprised of commercial real estate she owns. Victoria is also the owner of Paradise Ridge Dentistry, a company that when she took over in 2006, was facing almost a million and a half dollars of unrecoupable fraud. With a bit of chutzpah she was able to turn Paradise Ridge Dentistry into a multi-million dollar business. Due to that success, she was asked to speak at Harvard about her vast business experience. She will be speaking at Nasdaq at the end of April 2018, and has appeared on ABC, NBC and FOX. Victoria has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Arizona and a Master’s Degree from Bowie State University.

She also completed Fashion Design School in Colorado where she was the Head Designer for Simpson Racing and Assistant to the Head Designer of Frederick’s of Hollywood. Victoria lived in Europe for several years. During that time, she worked for several defense contractors including Northrop Grumman and Anteon. She obtained Secret security clearance and TISA (technical expert status) which gave her tax-exempt status. Victoria used her time off from work to travel the world and study how different communities save, spend, recycle, and reuse.


Even before living overseas, Victoria developed the travel bug at a young age. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and the United States. Victoria loves going on trips with her dad and is now sharing her love of travel with her two sons, taking them on adventuresome excursions.

Victoria’s now doing a radio show on 960 AM The Patriot at 8 pm on Sunday’s about her travel experiences. You won’t want to miss the great travel deals she shares along with all of the off-the-beaten path things in cities and countries.